Proper Tattoo Aftercare

Things You Will Need:

  • Common sense (or these instructions)
  • Mild fragrance-free soap
    • Dial, Ivory, Dove etc.
  • Moisturizer
    • Coconut Oil, Aquaphor, Fragrance-Free Curel
  • Clean towels


Important Things To Remember:

  • How your tattoo looks healed now depends on you.
  • Respect the money you paid, and the time we spent designing and applying your tattoo by taking care of it.
  • If you do not take the time to care for your new tattoo, it will not heal well, and it will not look it's best.
  • Improper care will result in heavy scabbing, the loss of color and scar tissue
    • Improper care includes, but is not limited to:
      • not gently and throughly washing and drying your new tattoo
      • soaking a new tattoo in a bath or swimming pool
      • working out, jogging
      • taking long showers
      • exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight
      • removing the bandage before you are told to
      • listening to your "friend" (who doesn't tattoo) tell you how to heal your tattoo
      • having a slack-ass attitude


  • Expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • Soak your tattoo in a bath, take long showers, work out, go jogging, go swimming or over moisturize.
    • This will cause heavy scabbing
  • Touch your new tattoo without washing your hands first.
  • Touch your new tattoo unless you are washing it or putting on moisturizer.
  • Listen to your friend's advice on healing your tattoo that we put on you.
  • Pick, scratch, touch or pull the flakes or scabs of your healing tattoo.
    • This will cause color loss and create scar tissue.



  • Leave your bandage on overnight.
  • Wash your new tattoo with your hands only.
    • A washcloth will cause damage to a fresh tattoo.
  • Every time you wash your new tattoo, dry it throughly by patting gently.  
    • Rubbing it dry will be painful and will cause damage.
  • Wash and dry your new tattoo at least 2 times a day.
  • After you wash and dry your new tattoo, allow it to air dry for at least 10 minutes before you apply any moisturizer.
  • When you apply moisturizer, always remember that "less is more"
    • You should not be able to tell that there is any moisturizer on the tattoo.  If you put too much on, blot the excess off with a clean paper towel.